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The journey of DASS began with a dream to bring a potential change in the business world. Nobody knew that a group of focused individuals will achieve such great success. It happened when in 2005, a group of professionals belonging to backgrounds like market research, software development etc. decided to start a venture in the world of data analytics. The company was named DASS, the Data Analytics System and Solutions.

In the process of building this organisation, we always stayed firm on our values that are commitment and determination. We are proud to be a reliable source of providing competitive data analytics outsourcing services and related business tools that have helped us in creating a mark in the market. Our data analytic operations combine the efficiency of computer science, statistical analysis and market research to benefit a business.

The period between 2009-12 was our turning point as DASS was able to create a global identity by providing analysis outsourcing services to international customers. We designed our very first tabulation solution which was an exclusive proprietary accelerator Q-tab made for our customers to quickly clear data with its adaptable navigational structure and convenient usage. Eventually, this model gained popularity among our customers due to its low-cost utility.

We have entered into the world of cloud computing by adding accelerators and visualisation tools that helped us in expanding our business to providing a complete package of the data cycle. The period between 2013-18 was challenging as we incorporated Data obfuscate, deep-dive analysis and brand forecast along with designing software that are compatible with a variety of systems. We even added the data porting algorithm into our softwares that is absolutely safe. It helps our customers to conveniently use the software by customising their reports and dashboard.

We have secured a tag line for our company seeing the extensive contribution in the industry for 14 years. The tagline is DASS- "Data Experience since 2005". For the coming period, we have aimed to achieve proficiency in marketing and branding sector. The initial step is the all-new logo which we have added as it clearly shows our concise objective to expand the approach of our data analytics outsourcing services. We are going to involve the immense network of potential users with a directive strategy that targets a specific niche. We are ready to present you with the all-new version of DASS "DASS Next Wave for Sustainable future".


Dass vision

“Our vision is to become the leading destination for outsourcing data analytics services that brings out the extensive results.”


Dass Mission

"Our mission is to implement the data analysis in functions of maximum brands so that they can leverage the technology and lay the foundation of a better business environment.” We have 3 major objectives:

  • Enhance the standards of the consumer experience.
  • Impart efficacy to our clients in their strategy and policy development.
  • Create a sustainable environment for the betterment of our employees.


Dass Values

The values DASS incorporates in the process are always based on feasibility and practical applicability. Our agenda is to make sure that sustainability is never compromised in any of our practices. Some more values we assimilate in our functions are:

  • We carry the value of purpose, which makes us bound to pursue acts that are meant out of purpose and objective.
  • We also incorporate creativity and compassion to deliver outclass services. It has enabled us to frame a strong foundation for our business.
  • We work on the principle of responsibility and accountability, hence all our employees have a stake for responsible actions and decisions.