Software and Platform

Software and platforms are one of those key components in data management and processing that helps you extract the utmost benefit. Having a personalised software for continuous processing of your raw data is always beneficial as it gives you prompt results. At DASS, we offer various data analytics outsourcing services to you. Under our extensive list of services, you can get an exclusive custom software for your business that helps you meet the specific requirements. Platforms we design are based on the intricate research and determined objectives you want to achieve with the platform. Our software is reliable, user-friendly and apt for a variety of platforms.


While serving the software development service, our exclusive team of data scientists add these attributes in your software for a holistic usage.

1. We add an attribute of aggregation in the software as it plays a vital role in assembling the data and providing an organised view of it. We create an aggregation platform which further helps in obtaining a summary.

2. Next attribute is contextualisation as it helps in classifying the data based on its utility and relevance to the organisation.

3. The very important attribute we add in the software is analysis as it helps in evaluating a conclusion from the data suitable for meeting user’s demands.

4. In our software, you can have a visualisation function which helps in organising the data in readable forms like graphs and charts. This helps in deriving meaningful results.

5. Our narration feature allows you to understand the data in a more appropriate way. This is a useful technique to quickly reach conclusions.

6. Even our software work as educational platforms as they provide a complete understanding of the data and possible usage of the analysis made through it.

7. Some more features our software can do persists the processing of data which includes extraction of data, transformation and further loading.

How We do it?

Let's have a look at the process we carry in developing a software or a platform for handling your data.

1. The basic step in the process of creating software is minimising the errors possible during data entry to ensure quality.

2. We carry out a feasibility study to cast the levels of KRA and KPI analysis.

3. Next step is designing algorithms, data models, visual libraries and pursue functional mapping for the software.

4. While developing software, we also consider the factors responsible for software adaptation on a variety of platforms. Our team adheres guidelines to make your software usable online as well as offline.

5. Then we carry out the integration of data and its merger with the design of the software to support architectural functions.

6. After completion of the software, DASS carries out multiple testing to ensure the standards. This involves functionality tests, performance tests, validation of the data and complete verification of the software as per the requirements.

7. We execute handover process after completing the tests and verifications by finally launching the software.

8. Our support doesn't end over here as we stay connected with you to assist in the training and maintenance of the software.

Key Technologies

  • C#

  • Java

  • ASP.Net

  • Visual studio

  • .Net Framework

  • SQL Server

  • PHP

  • Android/IOS


Connecting with DASS to create your software is a profitable choice as you can leverage multiple benefits. Firstly, you can rest assured with its applicability on different platforms in distinct situations. Secondly, you can enjoy the facility of real-time reports and dashboards. Even our software enables you to project future trends based on historic reports it creates. With DASS's analysis outsourcing services, enjoy a user-friendly software made with GUI tools.