Research Support

Researches are one of the most meticulous tasks in a business. These tasks require a lot of funding and efforts, although if you hire our market research outsourcing services for the purpose, then possibly you can hoard on your money. DASS offers you a wide range of research services under which you can get the benefit of acquiring genuine data through qualitative and quantitative means.


We have listed some activities to provide you with an insight into our research and support services.

1. We carry out primary as well as secondary methods of collecting research survey data, as it allows us to have brief information about the agenda of our analysis.

2. We also execute the process of validation and data removal in our service as it allows us to finalize the conclusive data suitable for further analysis.

3. Further in our research and support service, our professional experts perform tabulation and analysis which helps in deriving logical results.

4. Our expert team also follows marketing activities based on the results of the analysis done on your customer data.

How we do it?

Market research has been always a descriptive task and at DASS, we ensure the research we carry should be directive and result oriented. The inclusive way through which we obtain results are:

1. A thorough discussion with the client about the purpose of the research and objectives, so that a sound research plan could be framed.

2. Our team then develops a research design or plan which involves all the tasks and activities to be carried out.

3. Next step in the process of research is to devise all the instruments required for research.

4. Next is carrying the activities mentioned in the plan for research. These are usually the methods used for collecting data and sampling.

5. After the collection of data, we execute the analysis based on the complex as well as simple statistical methods, depending on your requirement.

6. After organising the data and its results, our team execute the task of communication to help you take advantage of the outcome.

Key Technologies

The technologies we use in the process of conducting research and providing support are:

  • Quantum

  • Quanvert

  • WinCross

  • SPSS i.e. Statistical Package For Social Sciences.

  • Q-Tab (Proprietary Application for Cross-Tab & Reporting)

  • Visualising Tool Development (C#, ASP.Net, SQL and PHP)


In our market research outsourcing services, we offer you a variety of benefits that helps you in developing a robust strategy for your business growth. Research helps in tracking the progress of your brand as well as impacts made on your customers by the advertisement campaigns. We implement reliable methods of research to extract data on customer behaviour, which also includes feedback. Research and analysis outsourcing enables you to carry out internal as well as external research which allows you to know the internal conditions of the company that include the opinions and feedbacks of your employees. All this helps in the process of analysis which further backs the creation of a model that entails customer engagement.