Statistical Modeling

Statistical modelling is a way to derive logical relations based on calculative methods. With DASS, you can leverage the opportunity to obtain astounding outsourcing analysis services based on reasoning and relevant statistical models. This analysis further helps you take suitable decisions for improvement in the functions of the company. With the help of extensive experience in econometrics, market research and statistics, we can design models that suits your requirement.


In the process of designing a statistical model for your business, we execute activities like:

1. Evaluation of marketing strategies prevailing in your company along with a thorough understanding of your customer behaviour to extract information for designing a model.

2. We carry out analysis on your retail activities.

3. In the process of statistical modelling, we develop an analytic software that supports evaluation.

4. Another major activity we consider is the development of a proprietary model.

How we do it?

Here are key components we follow in the process of designing a statistical model for your business.

1. The first step is the quantification of aspects that are responsible for driving sales, as it helps in acquiring figures that are apt for further calculation.

2. The next step is the enhancement of marketing strategies for creating an impact on customers.

3. We develop high rate of ROI made on marketing activities, along with giving importance to factors like the lifetime value of customers.

4. Identify activities that help in holding customers. One such method could be by enhancing the criterions of loyalty metrics like RPR and NPS.

5. Adding segmentation schemes that further helps in cross-selling.

6. Also, we enhance your profit and brand awareness by using the results acquired from the analysis.

Key Technologies

  • SPSS

  • R-Plus

  • Advanced MS-Excel

  • MS-SQL

  • SAS

  • Python


With our statistical modelling service, you can develop a deep understanding of the trends that impact your customer's behaviour and further sales. We help you create a model that supports the analysis of your customer's behaviour. Even you will be able to divide your customers and market to frame policies accordingly. Our statistical model helps you derive such analytic results that further helps in predictions for your business growth. DASS is skilled in developing such statistical models that support multiple types of analysis like optimization analysis, return on marketing investment analysis etc. With our market research outsourcing services, you can have a proper customer churn model that promotes stability in your business.