Data Processing

The recent growth in the business sector has led to an extensive competition all around the world. No matter what you aim in the beginning, because ultimately your goal is to drive as many customers as you can. At DASS, we deliver some of the vigilant data analytics outsourcing services, out of which one is data processing. It is a function which allows you to obtain, segregate and organise data so that you can further utilise it in achieving your targets and grabbing a substantial share in the market.


We have streamlined some important activities in our data processing service that allows us to attain user-friendly results. These are

1. The conversion of data using ASCII.

2. Development of multiple banners to simplify the results in cross tabs.

3. Creation of vertical tables that have a frequency of a single variable.

4. Completing the analysis of cross tabs having dual variables. This consists of finding out logical correlation through cross-tabulation of specific variables.

5. Providing an intense description of analysis done on data. This consist of doing statistical calculations including average, mode, median, standard error, kurtosis skewness etc.

6. Contemplation of statistical results via test. These tests include a comparison of two similar quantities like two modes or ratios.

How we do it?

The process we follow to complete this service is detailed and complex. Some of its parts are mentioned over here:

1. We collect data from a variety of sources that includes questionnaires, forms, receipts of database and coding sheet of data.

2. A thorough inspection of data via adapting a variety of activities based on logic and apt reasoning.

3. Adding the suggestions and feedbacks of our customers to ensure the objective of data processing is achieved.

4. Completing the final structure of the data and its analysis keeping the requirements of the client in mind.

Key Technologies

  • Quantum

  • WinCross

  • SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)

  • SPSS Dimension

  • Q-Tab (Proprietary Application for Cross-Tab & Reporting)


There are various benefits of choosing data processing under our analysis outsourcing services. The outcome of data processing is the formation of usable data which is in an understandable format. Also, data processing helps you find out the perception of professionals leading the market research industry for a long time. Data processing gives you the ability to extract comprehensive information from raw data in categorised forms like competitor data, brand data, campaign data etc. And lastly, you get to extract the list of potential customers who are going to extend their business with you.