Data Science

Data science is the branch of IT that has given a foundation to the extensive thought of capturing the world's market. It deals with the management of excessive data and its utilization. At DASS, we have profound experts of data science, who help you manage your data and extract its utmost potential to serve the growth of your organisation.


The activities under this service are vast and significantly useful. Here you can have a look at some of the interesting and useful activities.

1. Firstly we evaluate the information and its meaning from the provided or extracted data. It involves the application of a variety of statistical tools and methods.

2. Then after understanding the information, we transform it into readable material like graphs, visualisations and charts.

3. Further a deep analysis of the credibility and validation of the sources and methods.

4. Recognising the type of data based on its filtration, subjectiveness and persuasiveness.

5. Then we measure the potential of data’s impact on a trend, topic, question etc.

How we do it?

By outsourcing data analytics services to us, you ensure a diligent and lucrative data science process for your business. Here are the components:

1. We assemble the data provided by you and then apply tools on it to measure the factors that describe your performance.

2. We further analyse the impact of your performance and policies has made on your business.

3. We ensure that the analysis we make brings out a clear interpretation that presents a standardized process.

4. Also, we design a strategic, cognitive and practical model through which you will be able to easily manage complex sets of data.

5. Lastly, we present the analysis in narration to make your stakeholders understand the reliability of the model.

Key Technologies

  • SAS

  • Big Data / Hadoop / Scala

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • R, R +

  • Python

  • Advanced MS-Excel

  • MS-SQL

  • Visual dashboards


With our data science service, you will be able to dive into the current trends in the market that affects your sales. Data science is the key that helps you unveil the potential of raw data to run such a campaign that drives excessive results. You can understand your customer's behaviour and can also evaluate the proficiency of your product or service in comparison to others. It is an effective way to grab a massive portion of market share. Not just that, but with our outsourcing analysis services, you get a chance to fully concentrate on your business and make more diligent decisions for your growth.